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SPF(Specific Pathogen Free) Area


SPF (Specific Pathogen Free) Area


The Tendency of using SPF animal

 SPF animal room is the nowadays international animal experimentation's tendency, the domestic various universities animal center  who does take establishes SPF animal area as the priority target. Specific pathogen free(SPF) feeds the area concept to be different with the general traditional type animal feed, grows each kind of factor regarding the influence animal, the animal room management operation flow as well as the animal virus infection control has the strict stipulation. The animal experimentation often because in the RH of environment , the temperature and the air change rate and so on each kind of factor has the different experimental result. For may standardize experimental animal's raising environment, the SPF animal room in humidly , the temperature, the air change rate, the animal feed space is as for the filler, the feed and animal potable water various aspects has the related stipulation, serves purpose of the raising condition standardization. The virus infection control lists as the most important goal, the viral examination is a need and continues regularly advance. But the animal room management and the standard operation flow provided has protected the researcher achievement not the other disturbance unnecessary measure.


Auxiliary Equipments

 Sterilization appointments: Autoclave, H2O2 fumigation chamber

 Washer machine: Racker washer and Tunnel washer